Adult Chat BBS

Adult chat BBS aka bulletin board system was an online forums where people could engage in public threaded comments / conversations, as well as private member to member communication. Over time our system became flooded with lots of spammers setting up fake profiles. We did some coding changes to combat the spammers, but our funny tricks just proved how little they actually paid attention. Though we found the self labeling funny, lots of emails from desperate web site owners had us considering changes for some time. We have decided to erase all of the previous messages and profiles, completely destroying all of the previous BBS.

We did several things to combat the spammers, but over time we realized it was simply not worth the time. Every roadblock we put up to make it harder for spammers to abuse our system, they found ways to bypass, and it just started to make it harder and harder for the average real person to sign up and send messages. We even made some code changes that automatically erased the the "signatures" that were useful to our real users, but proved to be a tool for lazy people to try to game search engines with. We also changed the display of anchor links and title tags that would display if someone added a "web site url" to their profile. We made these user created links into warnings for our users with anchor text of "probably not nsfw - warning" and the title tag "probably spammer".

We had hoped that this was a good compromise, as our real users would notice this and not use the "publicly display my web site url" - and the spammers would not benefit from gaining links via our BBS portal. After more than a year of displaying things this way, we are still getting signups where people are trying to use our system to spam. It seems most of the spam companies are not paying attention to what they are actually getting when they spam here, even though for ages we also included the "nofollow" tag to out going links, they still persisted in using up our resources.

Other changes with google have made our anti-spam methods even more complicated.

We tried to follow the google guidelines for halting spam, adding rel nofollow to all links, and adding all kinds of custom code to our BBS system. As google has changed many things it appears that our system is still able to provide some kind of signals to the ranking algorithms, and we have tried to avoid that. Now it seems that having rel nofollow links to web sites is a good thing, and no longer something that SEO companies try to avoid as a waste of time.

We have seen some information where some people say that google is also penalizing web sites that use links in the footer of their pages. This is something that we had had for several years, as a way to provide our users with other interesting web sites to check out when they were using the BBS here. The footer area is an easy place to provide our users with other interesting sites instead of having ads that take up screen space around all the other important information. Of course we do not want to do provide those links if it is going to hurt those web sites.

It also seems that many people believe that the links spammers added to profiles here were hurting their web sites with recent google changes, even though we followed what were best practices by having them all "nofollowed". We got tons of emails from many different web site owners asking us to remove links to their sites that were added by others. After engaging dozens of these people with explanations that the people they hired to spam our service could easily login and remove the links, and explaining that all of our links were nofollow anyway, they still persisted in asking us to change the profiles of of users. Many people sent threatening emails saying things like: we'll be forced to report your site to google and it will negatively affect your site making a known "bad neighborhood" and crap like that.

There were dozens of people who wrote us either begging to remove links, or threatening us with bad google notices if we did not. After writing back to all of them, very few would reply. We asked some very simple questions and pointed to some educational materials on the web. Not only would most people not reply, but we would get the same cookie cutter beg / threaten emails over and over again, every 5 days or so. This was just stupid. This is why we agree with the user who said that google was breaking the web with their new policies.

Some people wrote us offering to send money if we would remove links as well. We did not feel it would be right to go in and start editing people's profiles, we also did not have the time to go through and investigate all of these issues. We tried to educate the people that wrote us, but there were so many emails that we eventually needed to contact some of these companies that have sprung to help people undo link schemes that they had paid others to create. We wasted more time convincing some of these services to make sure we are not contacted if the person was not going reply to our emails.

The real losers in this battle

The real losers in this battle are our hundreds of real users who were using our system to send private messages to one another. We apologize to all of you for taking down this system. We tried to prevent this in so many ways. We even eliminated the ability for people to post public messages in the forums which made this community more of a pm place. It seems that the spammers were still using our system even though they could not get any public posts or "dofollow" links.

The web site owners who got involved with SEO companies or scripts that auto added links have also been suffering. I read so many emails where people obviously did not understand why google was punishing their site, they had no way to undo the bad linking schemes that were created, and they were spending time and money just trying to do what works this season.

Google is also a big loser here. In their attempts to stop SEO companies from gaming the system google created, they have actually hurt many web sites and businesses that were and still are completely ignorant of what google has been trying to do. I can tell from the many messages that many people are simply frustrated with google as to where they are wandering around in the dark trying to figure out how to make things right, they are also giving up on the big G and looking for other ways to enage their customers.

Web sites like ours are also suffering. What was once good ways to help promote those people and web sites that helped us became not only targets for spammers but also google. Having a link in a profile or in forum post signatures was a good thing for our users who used them correctly. It made sense for our visitors and members to look at what others were involved with. Having links in the footer of our site was also an unobtrusive way to give props and signals to our adult chat bbs users who would likely enjoy similar portals.

Forums owners, bloggers, and other web site owners are also losers in this big battle. We get our web server resources used up by fake people who are trying to help (and now hurt) other web sites. We get time wasted from people asking for our us to change things in the name of google. We get our sites threatened with penalties if we don't change how our sites display. We get to worry that things we try to do right are actually hurting others who may not (or may) deserve it.

Of course much of this is speculative. I can't say that any of this 100% true.

Where to go from here.

We are currently not sure where we will go from here with this web site. We may change it up into a private members only messaging portal where you need to get an invite from another user in order to join. That would allow our previous users a way to still connect through our portal, but it would pretty much eliminate the ability for new visitors to join us.

We may just shut down this site completely, and leave this little space a faint memory in what the web once was.

We have some other ideas that are being considered as well. So check back one day and see.

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After fighting back with all these issues for so long, why succumb now?

We tried so many things, and like google tried to educate people and convince those who had used shady services to not only no use them anymore, but also convince them to log in with the user credentials they created to change links.

This was a good thought, but we found that many people could not do this for one reason or another.

We also found that even through we were trying so hard to get spammers to realize that adding links here would do them no good, in fact it was a major waste of time. The could not get a dofollow link here, and they would not get the anchor text they wanted either. It appeared that most of these system admins did not pay attention to this, and the newer google system some people say does actually count do follow and actually counts if site have different anchor text. So we are not sure if our previous methods to block the juice now count to help.

These spammer systems are also using up a lot of server resources. Tons of mysql connections being made on our server just for spammers is lame. Especially when it appears that some of these spammers are using bot nets and not even their own computer resources to use up ours. We found that some of these spam bot systems are moving into sending private pms to users as well. Now we do think it is quite funny that one spammer would be using a system to send private message spam to another user within our forums when that other user is a spammer. What a fun game of spam the spammer that has been going on I imagine! However I am betting that many of these people do not check the email systems they used to sign up with, so those messages are just wasted bits flying around the web.

Then the news story that some people are now using this spam software to threaten with negative SEO, forum spam as blackmail. Seriously guys? That's just lame. It is kind of funny that something like this could be used to call out google for making this possible, but actually blackmailing people with it is not cool.

So, we don't want our systems to be used for any of this. We are tired of fighting with the spammers, we are tired of fighting with google, and we are humbly bowing out of the crossfire.

To those that we had the pleasure of messaging with, it's been fun! I will miss some of you, and will invite you to find me with the same screen name at one of these other adult messaging portals.

Take care everyone. Sorry that I did not send a message to everyone though the admin thing, I just didn't want to get labeled a spammer for sending out thousands of email messages, and deal the with wasted server resources of a bunch of bounced back mail and crap too. So don't hate me, blame those who are breaking the internet, even those who are doing so unwittingly.